Customs, Border Control, and Security Procedures

In the same vein as is in departures, all passengers of flights arriving at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, both national and international flights, must undergo detailed safety procedures upon arrival to the U.S.A. They must abide by the rules and regulations set by the TSA and will have to take security screening prior to entry into the country. The rule remains the same for connecting flights. Passengers might have to wait longer periods during specific security checks. This is especially the case when arrival is at its peak or as a result of many delayed flights. In such a case, the traffic of passengers upon arrival might lead to a larger number of people queued up to get checked. With this in mind, always plan ahead of schedule to catch up with flights in the event of indirect flights.

Just as it is in the case of departures, passengers are required to take off all metal possessions and electronic equipment from their carry-on luggage, where it will go through security scanning in special trays while they move through a walk-in body scanner and metal detector. At the discretion of the TSA in charge, passengers could be patted-down or asked to take off their shoes for further security measures. However, at AUS, TSA Pre expedited screening permits qualified passengers to proceed with their shoes, belts, overclothes, and more.

At the Customs and Border Protection (CBP), it is advisable to provide all the necessary legal documentation, comply with the instructions given by the customs officers, and answer all questions asked honestly, while the officers establish your legal status. It is also worth noting that all passengers arriving at ABIA, while at the passport control area, should take their positions in a suitable lane either as citizens or as international passport holders.