Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has two terminals, the Barbara Jordan Terminal, and the South terminal. The main terminal is the Barbara Jordan terminal named after the first African-American woman to be of service in the Texas Senate following the reconstruction (1966 – 1972). One can revere on the bottom floor of the terminal, where there is a statue of her.

This terminal performs both domestic and international flights and has three checkpoints, namely; checkpoint one which enters the lobby at Gate 14, checkpoint two which is at the center of the terminal concourse at Gate 20.and checkpoint three which is at the west end of the tickets post and enter the concourse at Gate 24. There is a distinct alley for passengers and a distinct alley for premium passengers, which are available only at checkpoints 1 and 2. This terminal is equipped with several recreational facilities such as music bands, art exhibitions, stores, restaurants, and much more.

The second terminal in ABIA is the South Terminal. ViaAir airlines and Frontier airlines presently function from this terminal. The only way to the entrance of this terminal is by its distinct entrance on the south side of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and can neither be accessed directly from inside the Barbara Jordan Terminal nor from the airport's entrance. Situated at the southern borders of the airport, one can obtain access through the 183 or 130 highways to Burleson Road and taking a turn to Emma Browning Avenue, leading to the terminal at 10000 Logistics Lane.