Airport shuttle

One of the most commonly known means of transportation is the cheap airport shuttle service, which can take you from AUS to various resorts or hotels around the metropolis. Besides central locations, the airport shuttles can take you to multiple destinations in the city for little cost. The shuttle can also be used to transport you to another terminal, especially since there is no direct entrance from one terminal to the other.

You could choose to have a private van all to yourself or opt to share the ride with other passengers. It is worth noting that in shared rides, the vehicle might make several quick stops along the way prior to your final destination. It is also imperative to contact the super shuttle service through their website before your arrival to reserve space on board. Airport shuttles are located at the airport parking of the Barbara Jordan Terminal.

Public Buses

Capital Metro operates regular bus services to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. It is an astonishing neon guitar bus stop, which is so unforgettable. It runs every 15 minutes for the airport at route 20 Manor Road 7 days a week, as part of their high turnover network. It moves down to Riverside Drive before heading downtown to attend to the University of Texas campus. Along the way, the route offers 20 convenient transfers.